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Juvenile Tissue Citrus Transformation Facility

The transition of JTCTF into the EBA unit has changed the way we charge for our services. Please inspect the pricelist below for additional information. The prices marked “internal academic” refer to orders coming from the University of Florida (UF). Those prices marked “external academic” refer to orders coming from other academic institutions, whereas the prices in the column “external market” are for business entities. When hiring the JTCTF, clients will sign the contract that will be supplied by the office of Business Management at UF. Starting with January 1st 2021, JTCTF will bill the clients on a monthly basis. Before we start working on the order, we will provide an approximate total price for the sought service(s). Monthly billing has a purpose of keeping the facility funded throughout the whole year. It also means that clients are assuming the responsibility for the success of the designed experiments. In other words, JTCTF will require payments for the work performed in a certain time frame regardless of the outcome of those efforts. Because of the exploratory nature of these experiments, it will take three months to estimate possible detrimental effect of introduced gene (sensu lato) on regeneration of shoots from explants co-incubated with Agrobacterium and JTCTF will charge clients for the work it performed in that initial period. If the goal of the introduction of transgene into citrus plants is to change phenotypic features that can be recorded by visual inspection, then JTCTF will communicate the success in realized project to clients as the experiments move ahead. Clients will have the chance to stop the work done by JTCTF if there is a lack of progress. In the case where the function of the transgene in transgenic plants needs to be confirmed by additional tests, the responsibility of performing such tests lays on the client except if they wish to hire JTCTF to perform one of the services listed in the Pricelist. It will take 9-12 months, depending on the cultivar, to produce plants that could be tested for the functionality of introduced transgene and JTCTF will require payments for the work done towards production of transgenic plants regardless of the outcome of those tests.

Price Lists