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UF/IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center

UF/IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center

Publications - Dr. Amit Levy


Answiya Neupane, Faisal Shahzad, Chiara Bernardini, Amit Levy, Tripti Vashist. 2023. Poor shoot and leaf growth in Huanglongbing-affected sweet orange is associated with increased investment in defenses. Front Plant Sci 14:1305815.

Maryam Khalilzadeh, Chun-Yi Lin, Chunxia Wang, Choaa El-Mohtar, Amit Levy. 2023. Stem Pitting Caused by Citrus Tristeza Virus Is Associated with Increased Occlusion of The Phloem. Virology 589: 109918.

Jacobo Robledo, Stacy Welker, Ilana Shtein, Bernardini Chiara, Christopher Vincent, Amit Levy. 2023. Phloem and Xylem Responses Are Both Implicated in HLB Tolerance of Sugarbelle. Phytopathology (Accepted).

Taylor Livingston, Tripti Vashisth, and Amit Levy. 2023. A Simple Low-Cost Method for Accurate Canopy Density Evaluation in Citrus. HortScience 58(7):747-749.

Poulami Sarkar, Chun-Yi Lin, Jacobo Robledo Buritica, Nabil Killiny, Amit Levy. 2023. Crossing the Gateless Barriers: Factors Involved in the Movement of Circulative Bacteria within Their Insect Vectors. Phytopathology 113:1805-1816.

Chun-Yi Lin, Ozgur Batuman, Amit Levy. 2023. Identifying the Gut Virome of Diaphorina citri from Florida Groves. Insects 8;14(2):166. https:// doi: 10.3390/insects14020166.

Amit Levy, Taylor Livingston, Chunxia Wang, Diann Achor, Tripti Vashisth. 2023. Canopy Density, But Not Bacterial Titers, Predicts Fruit Yield in Huanglongbing-Affected Sweet Orange Trees. Plants. 2(2):290. https:// doi: 10.3390/plants12020290.

Kellee Britt-Ugartemendia, Donielle Turner, Peggy Sieburth, Ozgur Batuman, Amit Levy. 2022. Survey and detection for citrus tristeza virus in Florida groves with an unconventional tool: The Asian citrus psyllid. Frontiers in Plant Science. 13:1050650. doi:

Kyle C Weber, Lamiaa M Mahmoud, Daniel Stanton, Stacy Welker, Wenming Qiu, Jude W Grosser, Amit Levy, Manjul Dutt. 2022. Insights into the mechanism of Huanglongbing tolerance in the Australian finger lime (Citrus australasica). Frontiers in Plant Science 13:1019295. doi:

Maryam Khalilzadeh, Kyle Clark Weber, Manjul Dutt, Choaa Amine El-Mohtar, Amit Levy. 2022. Comparative transcriptome analysis of Citrus macrophylla tree infected with Citrus tristeza virus stem pitting mutants provides new insight into the role of phloem regeneration in stem pitting disease. Frontiers in Plant Science. 13:987831. doi:

Chiara Bernardini, Donielle Turner, Chunxia Wang, Stacy Welker, Diann Achor, Yosvanis Acanda Artiga, Robert Turgeon, Amit Levy. 2022. Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus accumulation in the phloem inhibits callose and reactive oxygen species. Plant Physiology. 190(2):1090-1094.

Chiara Bernardini, Simonetta Santi, Giovanni Mian, Amit Levy, Sara Buoso, Joon Hyuk Suh, Yu Wang, Christopher Vincent, Aart J. E. van Bel & Rita Musetti. 2022. Increased susceptibility to Chrysanthemum Yellows phytoplasma infection in Atcals7ko plants is accompanied by enhanced expression of carbohydrate transporters. Planta 256(2),43.

Kellee Britt, Samantha Gebben, Amit Levy, Diann Achor, Peggy Sieburth, Kristian Stevens, Maher Al Rwahnih, Ozgur Batuman. 2022. Analysis of Citrus Tristeza Virus Incidences within Asian Citrus Psyllid (Diaphorina citri) Populations in Florida via High-Throughput Sequencing. Insects. 13(3):275.

Stacy Welker, Amit Levy. 2022. Comparing Machine Learning and Binary Thresholding Methods for Quantification of Callose Deposits in the Citrus Phloem. Plants 11(5), 624;

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Mahnaz Rashidi, Chun-Yi Lin, Kellee Britt, Ozgur Batuman, Maher Al-Rwahnih, Diann Achor, Amit Levy. 2022. Diaphorina citri Flavi-Like Virus Localization, Transmission, And Association with Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus in Its Psyllid Host. Virology 567:47-56

Lin Chun-Yi, Diann Achor, Amit Levy. 2022. Intracellular Life Cycle of Candidatus Liberibacter asisticus Inside Psyllid Gut Cells. Phytopathology. 112(1):145-153.

Stacy Welker, Myrtho Pierre, James P Santiago, Manjul Dutt, Christopher Vincent, Amit Levy. 2022. Phloem Transport Limitation in Huanglongbing Affected Sweet Orange Is Dependent on Phloem-Limited Bacteria and Callose. Tree Physiology 9;42(2):379-390.

Kellee Britt, Kristian Stevens, Samantha Gebben, Amit Levy, Maher Al Rwahnih, and Ozgur Batuman (2021). Partial Genome Sequence of a Novel Reo-Like Virus Detected in Asian Citrus Psyllid (Diaphorina citri) Populations from Florida Citrus Groves. Microbiology resource announcement. DOI:

Carol Lovatt, Javier Narvaez, Amit Levy, Yosvanis Acanda, Benjamin Meritt, Ramtin Ravanfar, Vladimir Orbovic (2021). Stress-inducible Arabidopsis thalianaRD29A promoter constitutively drives Citrus sinensis APETALA1 and LEAFY expression and precocious flowering in transgenic Citrus spp. Transgenic Research 30(5):687-699. DOI:

Yosvanis Acanda, Stacy Welker, Vladimir Orbović, Amit Levy (2021). A simple and efficient agroinfiltration method for transient gene expression in Citrus. Plant Cell Reports 40(7):1171-1179. DOI:

Sonia Irigoyen, Manikandan Ramasamy, Shankar Pant, Prakash Niraula, Renesh Bedre, Meena Gurung, Denise Rossi, Corinne Laughlin, Zachary Gorman, Diann Achor, Amit Levy, Michael V. Kolomiets, Mamoudou Sétamou, Ismael E. Badillo-Vargas, Carlos A. Avila, Michael S. Irey & Kranthi K. Mandadi (2020) Plant hairy roots enable high throughput identification of antimicrobials against Candidatus Liberibacter spp. Nature Communication 16;11(1):5802. doi:

Yang Zhou, Maofeng Jing, Amit Levy, Hezhong Wang, Shijun Jiang, Daolong Dou (2020). Molecular mechanism of nanochitin whisker elicits plant resistance against Phytophthora and the receptors in plants. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 165:2660-2667. doi: Epub 2020

Amit Levy, Jens Tilsner (2020). Creating Contacts Between Replication and Movement at Plasmodesmata - A Role for Membrane Contact Sites in Plant Virus Infections? Frontiers in Plant Science. 11:862. doi: eCollection 2020.

Diogo Manzano Galdeano, Inaiara de Souza Pacheco, Gustavo Rodrigues Alves, Laís Moreira Granato1, Mahnaz Rashidi, Donielle Turner, Amit Levy and Marcos Antonio Machado (2020) Friend or foe? Relationship between Ca. Liberibacter spp and Diaphorina citri. Tropical Plant Pathology 45, 559–571

Diann Achor, Stacy Welker, Sulley K Ben-Mahmoud, Chunxia Wang , Svetlana Yuryevna Folimonova, Manjul Dutt, Siddarame Gowda, Amit Levy (2020). Dynamics of Candidatus Liberibacter Asiaticus Movement and Sieve-Pore Plugging in Citrus Sink Cells. Plant Physiology 182 (2), 882-891. DOI: 10.1104/pp.19.01391

Kellee Britt, Samantha Gebben, Amit Levy, Maher Al Rwahnih, Ozgur Batuman (2020). The Detection and Surveillance of Asian Citrus Psyllid (Diaphorina citri)-infecting Viruses in Florida Citrus Groves. Frontiers in Plant Biology 10:1687. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2019.01687

Nabil Killiny, Pedro Gonzalez-Blanco, Yulica Santos-Ortega, Fuad Al-Rimawi, Amit Levy, Faraj Hijaz, Ute Albrecht, Ozgur Batuman (2019). Tracing Penicillin Movement in Citrus Plants Using Fluorescence-Labeled Penicillin Antibiotics, 8 (4) DOI: 10.3390/antibiotics8040262

El-Desouky Ammar, Diann Achor, Amit Levy (2019) Immuno-Ultrastructural Localization and Putative Multiplication Sites of Huanglongbing Bacterium in Asian Citrus Psyllid Diaphorina citri Insects 10 (12) DOI: 10.3390/insects10120422

Saptarshi Ghosh , Ola Jassar, Svetlana Kontsedalov, Galina Lebedev, Chunxia Wang, Donielle Turner, Amit Levy, Murad Ghanim (2019). A Transcriptomics Approach Reveals Putative Interaction of Candidatus Liberibacter Solanacearum with the Endoplasmic Reticulum of Its Psyllid Vector. Insects 10(9), 279. DOI: 10.3390/insects10090279

Yosvanis Acanda, Chunxia Wang, Amit Levy (2019). Gene expression in citrus plant cells using Helios® gene gun system for particle bombardment. Methods in Molecular Biology. 2015, 219-228. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-9558-5_16

Amit Levy, Choaa El-Mochtar, Chunxia Wang, Michael Goodin, Vladimir Orbovic (2018). A New Toolset for Protein Expression and Subcellular Localization Studies in Citrus and Its Application for Citrus Tristeza Virus Proteins Plant Methods 14 (2).

Murad Ghanim, Diann Achor, Saptarshi Ghosh, Svetlana Kontsedalov, Galina Lebedev, Amit Levy (2017). ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’ Accumulate inside Endoplasmic Reticulum Associated Vacuoles in the Gut Cells of Diaphorina citri. Scientific Reports 7, 16945.

Murad Ghanim, Soma Fattah-Hosseini, Amit Levy, Michelle Cilia (2016). Morphological abnormalities and cell death in the Asian citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri) midgut associated with Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus. Scientific Reports 6, 33418.

Amit Levy (2015). Turnip vein clearing virus movement protein nuclear activity: do Tobamovirus movement proteins play a role in immune response suppression? Plant Signaling and Behavior 10 (10), e1066951.

Amit Levy, Judy Zheng, Sondra G. Lazarowitz (2015). Synaptotagmin SYTA forms ER-plasma membrane junctions that are recruited to plasmodesmata for plant virus movement. Current Biology 25 (15), 2018–2025*.
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Asako Uchiyama*, Harumi Shimada-Beltran*, Amit Levy*, Judy Zheng, Parth Javia, Sondra G. Lazarowitz (2014). Arabidopsis SYTA regulates the trafficking and cell-to-cell movement of diverse plant viruses. Frontiers in Plant Science 5**.
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Raul Zavaliev, Amit Levy, Abed Gera, Bernard L. Epel (2013). Subcellular dynamics and role of Arabidopsis β-1,3-glucanases in cell-to-cell movement of Tobamoviruses. Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions 26 (9), 1016-1030.

Amit Levy, Judy Zheng, Sondra G. Lazarowitz (2013). The Tobamovirus Turnip vein clearing virus 30k movement protein localizes to novel nuclear filaments to enhance virus infection. Journal of Virology 87 (11), 6428-6440*.
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Dana Guenoune-Gelbart, Michael Elbaum, Guy Sagi, Amit Levy, Bernard L. Epel (2008). Tobacco mosaic virus replicase and movement protein function synergistically in facilitating TMV spread by lateral diffusion in the plasmodesmal desmotubule of Nicotiana benthamianaMolecular Plant Microbe Interactions 21 (3), 335-45*.
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Amit Levy, Dana Guenoune-Gelbart, Bernard L. Epel (2007). β-1,3-glucanases: plasmodesmal gatekeepers for intercellular communication. Plant Signaling & Behavior 2 (5), 404-406.

Amit Levy, Michael Erlanger, Michal Rosenthal, Bernard L. Epel (2007).
A plasmodesmata-associated β-1,3-glucanase in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal 49 (4), 669–682*.
*Recommended by faculty of 1000